Public Beach Access points in 30A are located in many places.  However, in recent years, the actual available public beachfront has reduced as private homeowners have laid claim to the beach areas directly in front of their properties.  As a result, at some public beach access points, the true “public” space can be limited to a small stretch barely more than the width of the boardwalk leading to the beach. 

Fortunately, some of the best true public beach access points are located just a two-minute cycle from the Emerald Air townhome.  These include the Eastern Lake beach access point and the Port Property access point.

Other great options for unspoiled access are the State Parks in the area.  Deer Lake State Park is located 8 min by bicycle from the townhome.  Grayton Beach State Park is a few miles further west but is another great option.  State Parks can fill up early in the high season, at which point they will be “closed”, so do make sure you plan to go early or late in the day. 

Eastern Lake


Great stretch of public beach access where Eastern lake meets the ocean.  Take your paddle board and get the best of both worlds!  Do be prepared to wade through a bit of water to get from the access stairs to the beach.

Deer Lake State Park


Deer Lake State Park is located a short cycle from the property, and features a newly renovated parking area.  A scenic boardwalk allows for a nice stroll through the coastal dunes on the way to the beachfront.

Grayton Beach State Park


Grayton Beach State Park provides access to a great beachfront, as well as Western Lake, another great paddling opportunity.  An artificial reef exists here as well, but should only be visited by experienced swimmers with a partner, as it is a fair swim away from the beach.

Port Property

Port property2

The Port Property beach access is located at the end of San Roy Road.  It basically ends up at the same place as Eastern Lake Beach Access, but it is not required to wade through the Eastern Lake outlet to get to the beach from this side.  There is minimal parking in this area, but opportunities exist for bicycles and potentially golf carts.