Why We Love Eastern Lake Beach Access

July 7, 2024

Why We Love Eastern Lake Beach Access

While beach access in 30A is getting to be a touchy subject in the last few years, Eastern Lake Beach Access still offers one of the best stretches of public beach in the area.  Several things have happened in recent years to make the beach access in 30A more challenging.  The combination of more visitors, more beachfront development and beachfront owners claiming the beach as private property has left very narrow stretches of beach available to the public on either side of many Walton County Beach Access points.  Luckily, this has not affected the Eastern Lake Beach Access.

The Eastern Lake Beach Access benefits from a few hundred yards of beach owned by the county where Eastern Lake meets the Gulf of Mexico.  This is true public beach, with no-one able to claim it as private property.  Even in some of the busiest weeks of the year, there is still ample space for everyone to enjoy the beach here.  Another great perk is that the shallow water at the tip of Eastern Lake is a great option for kids to play in if they ocean is off limits for any reason or too rough.  To get the best out of the lake and the ocean, many times that we go to the beach, I will actually launch my paddle board at the Eastern Lake boat access and enjoy a leisurely paddle across the lake to the beach to meet the family.

To get to the beach from the beach access boardwalk, it is necessary to wade through a bit of shallow water in Eastern Lake.  Usually this is knee deep, but it can be up to waist deep if it’s been a while since the lake and ocean connected.  If wading through the water is not something you want to do, there are a couple of other options.   The Ramsgate beach access is just a few hundred feet down the road, and the boardwalk goes straight to the beach where you can then walk down to the Eastern Lake area.  Ramsgate beach access also offers a chair and umbrella service for daily rental if you would like to do that.  You can also access the Eastern Lake area from the Port Property beach access on the other side of the Lake.  It is possible to ride bicycles to Port Property, but there is no parking for a Golf Cart.

The dune lakes in 30A are a real gem, and the Eastern Lake Beach Access allows everyone to enjoy the lake and the stunning beach at the same time.  For more information on beach accesses in the 30A area, visit Walton County’s interactive webpage:  Beach and Bay Access Locations – Visit South Walton, FL